All successful people have a vision defined for their life and a clear understanding of how their work will help them create the life they want. These individuals exhibit seven behavioral traits. These traits are:

. Selfishness
. Focus
. Discipline
. Persistence
. Ownership
. Results Oriented
. People Oriented

Selfishness: Successful people are selfish. Selfishness is good and is a behavior that allows them to protect their time, energy and money. Since they know where they are going and what they must do, they know the people they need to meet and the actions that will take them where they want to go. They know that time is a precious commodity and there are only so many hours in a day. They use this time wisely.

Focus: Successful people are focused. Being focused is like being a marathon runner. They continually put one foot in front of the other and know they have specific actions they must do to finish the job at hand (finish the race). They stay focused on those actions.

Discipline: Successful people are disciplined. They do not lose site of where they are going or how they are going to get there. They walk away from or delay activities that do not take them where they want to go. They develop routines that become habits and they are disciplined in those routines.

Persistent: Successful people are persistent. They know where they are going and they do not quit. They may be stymied or delayed but they find away around each obstacle. They try again and approach obstacles from different directions until they find what works, but they do not quit.

Responsible: Successful people are responsible for their actions and the results they get. They know they control the outcome through their behavior. If things are not working they know that they came change their behavior and move towards the desired outcome. They also know that they need others to be successful and they are quick to give credit to others as they achieve success.

Results Oriented: Successful people are results oriented. They understand that the only thing that counts are results. They make no excuses. They know there is no such thing as trying, only doing. You get the job done or you do not.

People Oriented: A common trait of successful people is that they understand their success is dependent upon how well they motivate, inspire, lead, manage, sell and communicate to others their ideas, vision, thoughts, and action.

How many of the attitudes and behaviors are you using? Honestly ask yourself if you are using all seven and if you are not happy with the answer, put a plan is place to begin using these new behaviors.
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