Classifying your own mental condition is an almost impossible task, according to experts. But, it is a little easier if you go about it from the positive point of view - mental health rather than mental illness.

With the cooperation of The National Association For Mental Health, I have prepared a survey which could be of help to you in deciding whether or not you need help.

Your Feelings about Yourself: Yes / No
1. Do you get honest satisfaction from simple pleasures?
2. Do you have respect for yourself?
3. Can you take disappointment in stride?
4. Can you laugh at your own errors?
5. Do you feel capable of dealing with situations as they come your way?
6. Can you accept displays of your own emotions - fear, anger, jealousy, guilt, worry?

Your Feelings about Others: Yes / No
1. Do you have personal relationships that are satisfying and lasting?
2. Do you trust others and assume that others will trust you?
3. Do you respect people who differ from you?
4. Do you refuse to be pushed around and refuse satisfaction from it?
5. Can you feel you are a part of a group?
6. Are you able to love somebody?

Your Feelings about Life: Yes / No
1. Do you accept as much responsibility as comes your way?
2. Do you plan ahead without fear of the future?
3. Do you welcome new ideas and experiences?
4. Do you put your best effort into what you do and get satisfaction from it?
5. Do you make your own decisions?
6. Do you deal with your problems as they arise?
7. Do you shape your environment whenever possible and adjust to it whenever necessary?
8. Do you set realistic goals for yourself?
9. Do you feel you are making use of your natural capacities?

If you score a perfect mark - you can assume that you are the lucky possessor of a balanced personality, a mentally healthy one. Just a few NO’s may be regarded as normal. But if too many of your answers are NO - five or more - the chances are that some degree of help is needed. More help than a simple book can give you.

Persons who feel that self analysis is not enough, should contact their local branch of The National Association For Mental Health for information as to where help is available. Other places which may be contacted for information are: the state affiliate of the American Psychiatric Association, family service agencies, state or county health departments, your own general practitioner.

You may also find that there is available in your community one of the growing number of mental health clinics.
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